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The 4 Origins Brewing Company's mission is to commemorate Montreal's brewing heritage as this great city continues to thrive. Our brewery was founded to pay tribute to the local community, to innovate and collaborate with other local businesses, to help educate patrons on the brewing process, and above all else, to brew quality, independent beer that Montrealers can be proud of!

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At 4 Origines, we are always innovating, whether it's refining our original recipes or creating exciting new products that add a fun twist to classic beer styles.

Locally grown

Just like the city of Montreal itself, our beers are designed to be dynamic and interesting, while remaining accessible and welcoming to those exploring the Quebec beer scene.


We are also proud to use the highest quality ingredients from around the world and, increasingly, from local producers. So, whether you're enjoying one of our classic beers or trying something new, you know that you're drinking something distinctly 4 Origines.

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Origine Brass

Come by for a beer and a bite at our Dorval Restaurant & Taproom

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I started continuously reading about the beautiful science behind the brewing process. The importance of mashing temperatures, water chemistry and chemical ratios was taking up so much space in my mind that I realized I needed to make this business my life. Not to mention that brewing is fun as hell.

Keegan Kelertas, 4 Origines Co-Founder

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